What’s the buzz about the Core Values at beBee.com?

An organisations core values offer a public indication of the guiding principles, beliefs and values that should underpin everything that we can expect when engaging with that organisation.

How many organisations can actually deliver against these well intended (or cynically crafted) ideals?
Following the earlier article Core Values – Corporate Guiding Light or Corporate Spin?, this series takes a closer look at the core values of a variety of organisations – and shares a personal commentary and opinion on the same. Please do share your own opinions in the comments below!

Can you here that buzzing noise?

To start the series, I am looking at beBee.com – the hot new social media and blogging platform that has Continue reading

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Core Values – Corporate Guiding Light or Corporate Spin?

I work as a consultant with numerous globally recognised brands – often at the forefront of Customer Experience (CX) and organisational transformation initiatives.

Before even setting foot on the client site, I have always made it an imperative to seek out and understand the organisations so-called  ‘core values’.

For me, this is essential to understanding the ‘mindset’ of a company and the way that the core values branch out into its interactions with its employees, customers, stakeholders and shareholders (in that order) – before engaging Continue reading

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On Death, My Sister, Buddha and Steve Jobs (Leadership)

Some months ago, my sister Daryl and Steve Jobs died within a few weeks of each other.

This is my first post since then and is a little more personal than usual.

It explores a little about how the reality of our own eventual demise should inform and shape the value of what we do in the here and now.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
(Mahatma Gandhi)

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Process, the Unsexy Shape of Your Customer-Centric World (Part 3 of 6)

Business processes are collections of  structured activities and tasks that produce a specific product/service for your customer(s); they encapsulate ‘WHAT you do’ and ‘HOW you do it’.

Does my Process look big in this?

Over time, these processes progressively become bloated, overweight, and unfit (for purpose).

The focus and effectiveness of your processes shapes your business: it determines your bottom-line costs, impacts the top-line revenue and, ultimately, the profit (or loss) made by your company. But there is much more to it than that.

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Unleashing the Tiger blog syndicated by Customer Think

I am very pleased to say that Unleashing the Tiger was recently syndicated by Customer Think – a Thought Leadership site that covers: customer-centric business management, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Experience Management and Social Business.

Creative Commons License photo credit: psd

CustomerThink is a global community of business leaders striving to create profitable customer-centric enterprises.

Each month, the site reaches 200,000 subscribers and visitors from 200 countries – serving over 80,000 visitors per month!

Still focussing on your products? You’re doomed to extinction (Customer-Centricity Part 1 of 6) is the first post to be syndicated.


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